Rye is a European winter cereal crop, meaning it is sown between late September through until early October.

Here is the rye plant developing in April.

The crop will be around 120cm tall when it is ready to be harvested.

It’s early August and the rye is ready for harvesting.

Rye harvest starts at the end of July and runs through to mid August.

Freshly combined rye is tipped into the farm store. Here it is dried to make it safe for storage and to sustain the quality.

The rye is taken out of the farm store and loaded onto a lorry ready to travel to our factory.

The rye arrives at the mill ready for tipping into the silo.

Every load of rye is tested in the Ryvita lab to make sure that it meets all our quality standards.

The rye is stored in huge silos until it is ready to be milled.

The rye is milled using large grinding rollers.

The rye flour is sieved in the milling process to separate the flour, middlings and bran.

The dough sheet is made ready for baking into Rye Crispbread.

It’s cut into slices and there you have it – crunchy rye breads!

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